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LostInTheMood & Skary

Shout to Skary for the interview!

1. What do you write, what crews do you rep & where are you from?

Skary McLary from Donaldson’s dairy.

2. How long have you been writing & how long do you plan to keep at it?

Closing in on a decade, since I first fingerbanged a can. Can’t see myself stopping anytime in the near future.

3. What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

The generation of writers that came before me in Australia. Crews like

4. How would you describe your style?

Garbage. Ha. I dunno I guess I just try to paint classic NY influenced letters with a comic book twist.

5. Who would be your favorite writers be?

Too many to name. Scram, Rson, Dmote, Kerupt, Skew and 90’s era Sydney graffiti in general was inspiring to me growing up.

6. Can you tell me about the Simpsons pieces you’ve been doing for the past year, what got you into doing that?

I was raised by the Simpsons, and grew up drawing the characters. It seemed natural to pay homage.

7. What do you think of the scene in Australia?

Good, bad and ugly.

8. Any crazy chase stories?

Usual shenanigans – running until you puke, police abuse etc. etc…

9. Other than graff, what do you like to do?

Drink. Dream of being a rockstar.

10. Beer or weed?


11. Top 5 tunes?

The Clash – Rudie can’t fail

Gallows – Queensberry rules

Mindsnare – Bulldozed

Social Distortion – Another state of mind

The Saints – Demolition girl


12. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve done?


13. What are your 3 favorite pieces by other writers?

Way to many to name. Impossible to narrow down, let alone trawl the interwebz to find.

14. What plans do you have for the future?

Make more and more money, buy a big house with a sizable garage to store a 2 door 1960 ford falcon project car. Retire.

15. Any last words or shouts?

Shouts to the Flies, The Cats Pajamas and RI&W. Peep the blog – Read It And Weep

LostInTheMood & IQ

Big shout to IQ for doing the interview!

1. Who are you?

I write IQ, IQUE , IKUE and the likes ..

2. What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Been writing about 4 years

3. What crews do you rep?

I rep HOGS crew. Zuas asked me into HOGS a while ago and since then , it got me painting alot more , been putting the crew before my own stuff mostly , love the crew and everyone in it , the perfect partners in crime , shouts to ZUAS , reppin’ Mo Famille !

4. What got you into graffiti?

My older brother (Jozk) got me into graffiti when i was 11 or 12 , he came home from bombing one night and gave me the ends on his cans , me being the idiot i was, went on a rampage wrecking everything in sight .. writing my initials everywhere .. when i saw his sketch’s and some of the really good graffiti around my area and realized i needed to get alot more style and make my letters nice and clean .

5. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

I wouldnt call myself a hardcore bomber but ive been doing what i can , i do pieces when i feel like it but i’d choose a night out wrecking stuff over a chill piece any day . Bombing is alot more fun for me at the moment ..

6. Any crazy chase stories?

Chase stories … hmmm well the latest one was scary enough , me evoke and yogi went for pannels , yogi had a quick look and the only trains we could do were these yellow circular freights , we were all finished and just about to leave , evoke wanted to do another and started painting , right when he started his second , I see a car parked up , the lights come on and the car flys around the corner towards us , me and evoke freeze on the spot like retards , yogi pulls me through a bush and i grab evoke after us , we had to climb over mountans of trackstones trying to find a way out of the yard , me and yogi jump the spiked fence and evoke faceplants of the top of it , half way down the road yogi throws me against the wall behind an electric box , the car that drove towards us drove right by us and didnt see us , we just ran untill we we couldnt anymore .. that was a fun night

7. Who would your favorite Irish and non-Irish writers be?

Favorite Irish writers .. well fellow Hooligan Akes , Crept for there pieces , each has a totally original style all of there own , And Rob , Hide and Cysto , Feck , Eaks and a good few others for the amount of stuff there all getting done .. Outside Ireland the first that comes to mind is Augor , always been a big fan of MSK , got the pleasure of seeing an msk billboard in person a while ago on my travels

8. What do you think of the Dublin scene right now?

I’m one of the few who think the dublin scene is really good at the moment , sooo many people out doing crazy spots , and really nice pieces , im glad to be a part of it

9. What’s your favorite mode of transport?

Definitely my motorbike , has to be the most handy , cheapest , fastest and most fun to get around .. but this weather isnt doing me any favors

10. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve done?

Number 1 …

Number 2 …

Number 3 …

11. What do you think of hipsters?

Hmmmm , well im not one myself .. but some of my decent mates are hipsters soo ive nothing bad to say .. long as its not me .. each to there own i guess

12. What music are you into?

Im into a few differnt things at the moment , Rap , loads of 80’s dance stuff , and then some random golden oldies . Anything with a good beat im into pretty much

13. What would be the most memorable time painting a train?

Probably the first time i painted a train , right as we were about to go out and paint , some guy was walking up and back down the end of the platform , i said it was redhot , but when i turned around my partner was already painting right infront of your man .. he turned out to be a sound bloke , kept sketch for us and shook our hands when we were done .

14. What are your 3 favorite pieces by other writers?

Number 1: Dize (Akes)

Akes has always been my favorite piecer , around the back of my old house he did that dize piece , and i remember walking my dog around to it and staring at it for ages , this was before i was into graffiti , that one piece is what sparked my intrest into lettering and art in genral

Number 2: Rime

I love Rimes style , i love how he can write anything , draw anything and you instantly know its him , amazing how well known he is too , not just to graffiti writers , even my own mother know’s Rime

Number 3: Pharoe

Pharoe has to be one of my favorites , in love with his illegal pieces , better than what most people can do on a legal wall , he can pull of in total darkness while keeping a lookout . he’s someone i hope to be like in a few years

15. Other than graff, what do you like to do?

I’m into sports , Art, and going out on the weekend for a few frosty ones

16. How would you describe your style?

Emm well id like to say its nice easy flow to my letters , and quick to paint , my pieces are a bit more complicated , like to try make my letters look like there part of a machine , I try to make them look as if there moving or floating off the wall .

17. Top 3 graff films?

1= The deviance movie (3ayem)

2= Infamy

3=State your name


Good question ..

I dont own a camera , simply because im terrible at keeping electronics alive , ive gone through 3 phones in the last month , and the last camera i owned i pawned of for a silly amount of money when i was drunk looking for more booze , But il have a camera one day , one day very soon

19. Any plans to travel to paint in the future?

I travel alot , would love to go back to LA for a few months , some of the graff over there is unreal , crazy spots , full burners in the hottest spots you can think of. Going to NewYork should be a dream of any writer , soo hopefully one day il get the chance to

20. Any last words or shout outs?

Shouts to HOGS CREW !

high on gear squad

hatin’ on garda scum

hand of god squad

Shouts to Mesk

Shouts to Vicky Q

Happy X-mas

LostInTheMood & Zuas

Big shout to Zuas for the interview! That chase story is too funny!

1. Who are you? What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Im from Dublin, I write zuas/zuaz and I’ve been writing since late 05.

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep HOG/HOGS crew, originally standing for ‘Hooligans’ but has adopted different meanings like ‘High on gear squad’ and ‘Hands of God squad’

3.What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

My first real contact with graffiti was as a kid walking through a laneway seeing two lads painting boards near my house. This would have been in the late 90’s or so, I really had no idea who it was or what they were doing. I suppose I never really took much notice of graffiti until a few years later when I moved to Spain for a short while. I remember seeing a chap beside me in school drawing ‘king’ and was amazed by it. Later that day I went home and began sketching the tag ‘soga’ or something. That didn’t last very long. Then I moved from the north of Spain further down south where Graffiti was literally everywhere. I found the local graff shop and bought a marker, and tagged on a few things until my parents found it. When I moved back to Ireland I became friends with ZIAR’S brother and we would spend hours looking through his blackbooks and photo albums copying his style. It was from then on I was hooked to graffiti. So yeah my main inpsiration would be ZIAR and other Irish writers such as FED, GRIFT, DATS and writers who were in RFA and UEK around the same time I began writing.

4. How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I’ve ever really had a set style. Every time I sketch, which isn’t often, I tend to come up with something different and then just mess around with that style for a while. Recently I’ve been trying to change it up a bit using more simple, chunky, rounded letters…probably wont last long.

5. Who would your favourite Irish and non- Irish writers be?

All the writers mentioned above, along with all the lads in the crew and other writers like HIDE, RISE, CIST, CESK, GONE, PHEK, POT, ROB. All sick and putting in the effort. I don’t really pay much attention to non- Irish writers to be honest, but I’ve noticed writers like PHIESTA from Italy and the 3AYEM crew recently.

6. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

Bombing, even though I never really stick to one bombing is just more fun. I’m always looking at spots to hit and stuff but am far too lazy to do anything about it…or broke. I like doing a legal piece on a nice day but the feeling you get when you see the spot you did the night before is more rewarding.

7. What do you think of the Irish scene right now?

Everyone is always moaning about it, but I like the scene. Lots of writers are pulling out burners legally and illegally quite regularly. Then again it’s the only real scene I pay attention to so I don’t really have much to compare it to. I was over in the west of England recently and was quite disappointed with what I saw, so yeah I’m happy with it.

8. Any crazy chase stories?

One night a few summers back me and two other lads writing 3FI at the time were painting a wall off a pretty busy roundabout. We had finished painting and when hopping the fence I noticed a red unmarked car circling the roundabout 2 or 3 times. Next thing the blue lights are flashing and UNO is over the fence. Me and OLE bail back through the field and end up in some back garden not too far from the spot. OLE, being the drunkard that he is decided he needed to go back and get UNO. We both hopped out of the back garden and ended up on a side road. I waited in a front garden while OLE went to find UNO. A few minutes later I got impatient and decided to follow thinking things had cooled down. After 30 seconds of walking I heard a car belting around the corner so I dive under a parked van while it patrols up and down the street. I’m thirsty as fuck at this point and I managed to find a front garden with a hose around the side. So I sat there for the next hour drinking water from the hose and making sure the Garda had left. I then took the back roads back to OLE’S house and hopped up on to the garage and in the bedroom window we had left open to get back in to find the two of them drinking away.
Turned out UNO ended up chilling with some junkie in a local park while OLE pulled over a Garda claiming he had lost his ‘depressed’ brother from home. The Gards told him to get in the car and they would help find him…. they genuinely did try find this imaginary depressed brother. He sat in the back listening to the Garda radio ranting on about 3 youths spray painting in the area and covered his hands and sleeves saturated in chrome. He later got a lift home.

9. Other than graff what do you like to do?

Playing football, poker and fifa with the lads and heading out on the weekend. None of the lads around write so I spend most of my time doing these things with them.

10. Beer or weed?


11. Top 5 tunes.

I’m on a mad Mac Miller buzz at the moment, or rap in general.


I hate college…really do

good chilled song

need bills

cant go wrong with wiz

12. 3 favourite pieces you’ve done

my latest piece i like

this for its size

and this..

13. 3 favourite pieces by other writers

This chap is sick

SABER L.A river

loved this (steezy jeezy)

14. What plans do you have for the future?

After i finish this college thing i hope to take a year or two out to travel and paint. Maybe get the finger out, paint a bit more and make some money… That’s really it, don’t plan too much.

15. Any last words or shouts?




Cesk Interview On Getnloose

Sweet little interview with Cesk over on Getnloose. Read it here.

LostInTheMood & Kaze

Shouts to Kaze from Galway for doing this!

1. Who are you? – What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Well I write kazer or kaze. Ive been painting for about 2 and a half years now..I was sketching a while before that but only did my first piece 2 and a half years ago

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep BSK with a few of the younger galway writers (me devo sar misto)

3.What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

Ehh pretty much just seeing aload of the old galway graffiti around like caz,tome,word and baqs I just used to absolutel bite the shit outa everthing they did in my school copies ha.I really look up to the msk and tmd boys too some of the stuff they do and the amount of work they must put in is unreal.

4. How would you describe your style?

Dunno really.generally I have a sharp kinda look to most of my pieces and dubs.

5. Who would your favorite Irish and non-Irish writers be?

Irish writer-cisto non irish-definitely revok

6. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

I really enjoy the rush of bombing when im in the mood for it and I like catching daytime tags but I rather piecing beacaue its more rewarding for me.

7. What are the differences between the scene in Galway and places like Dublin or Cork?

The galway scene is sooo much quiter.there are only a handfull of writers here that actually take it seriously and that are really bothered with it..there are a lot of advantages to a quite scene tough.your pieces stay up so much longer,spots don’t get found out by people quikly and generally everyone helpes each other out if no new writers do anything out of line.

8. Whats the best/craziest time you had painting?

Ehh nothing to exciting,got a few chases while by myself befor.I got caught once painting a school with 2 friends.the gaurds called around the back entrance of the school and I got grabbed straight away but somehow my two friends found I tiny press in the scool yard they bot squeezed into and hid in for 20 mins until they also got found by the gaurds.

9. What are your top three tunes at the moment?

I generally hate anything that’s on the radio
Black Sabbath-paranoid

Citezen cope ft carlos Santana-sideways

Pearl jam-yellow ledbetter

10. What are your top three films?

Forrest gump
The goodfellas
Stand by me

11. Beer or weed?


12. What are your three (four) favorite pieces?

This is one I painted with baqs and a lot of tips off of them which is prob why its one of my favourites

This is one of my faves cus it means more to me than any other piece ive done

I these are the best letters ive done the actual piece is a bit ruched tho

I also really like this piece and am going to do the exact same colours sometime soon.

13. What are your three favorite pieces by other writers?

This lad must be on that drug from the movie limitless.

The detail in this one is sick.

14. Any plans for the future?

Hopefully paint in a lot of different countries around the world as I get older..definitely start doing a lot more big illegal spots.I really want to take a trip around Europe

15. Finally any last words or shouts?

Shouts to all the galway boys I paint with and have helped me out and to anyone who have left helpful comments and advice on my flickr..also a big shout to rash my friend who passed away not to long ago R.I.P

LostInTheMood & Soar

Soar, who was recently in Cork, had the time to do this interview. Check it out!

1. Who are you? – What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Im Soar, im from a very small town in the Netherlands, and ive been writing with paint on walls since 2006/2007.

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep 3 crews at the moment:
The Phat Boys (TPB)
Everything GOeS (EGOS)
Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI)

3. What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

When i was 8 years old i watched some guys from a nearby town paint at the half-pipe in my town. And i still remember the moment when they left one can and i picked it up and started doing my own name everywhere around there.
But i never picked up a can of paint until i turned 14 and got my own paper route and needed a bike for it. Then i got some cans to paint the bike, and i used the scraps for a crappy throwup on the halfpipe.
And ive been hooked ever since.

4. How would you describe your style?

I dont know, i think i have been influenced by a lot of writers in the last 2 years, the main people at the moment must be:
Bams, Bez, Senor, Akobe, SobeKcis and a lot more…

5. Whats the best/craziest time you had painting?

Uhhh, thats a hard one… i think it must be painting in foreign countries like for example Ireland, just to get out of your own country and go somewhere where nobody knows you and you will have to start all over again.

6. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

Piecing because of the time you can put in one piece, and i really like the flick of the piece just to have it, i dont really care if someone goes over it as long i have the flick. but i like bombing from time to time just to keep your name up, but as i said im from a really small town and i already did everything down there, and its not easy to get out of town so easily.

7. What do you think of the Irish scene right now compared to other European countries?

I have only been here 2 times so i dont really know the scene down here.
But i can see some growth in the scene, and a lot of young and talented young writers.
I dont think there are much differences in the scenes, the only thing is all the police cameras make it a little bit harder to do bombing and shit like that.

8. What do you do before you go painting to get you in the mood?

If i do a proper wall i need to get some sleep, because im really lazy and otherwise will get distracted from the wall. And if i go bombing just some beers and some nice tunes.

9. What are your top five tunes at the moment?

1. Method Man – Judgement Day

2. REKS – 25th Hour

3. Opgezwolle – Tijd Leert

4. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full

5. Dilated Peoples – Expanding Man

10. What are your top three films?

I only have one favorite movie and that is Pootie Tang.
I can watch any other movie i dont really care as long as i am watching them with chill heads.

11. Beer or weed?


12. What are your three favorite pieces?

My favourite pieces i did:

And for all of my other favorites just look into my flickr favorites.

13. You where recently painting in Ireland, any crazy or interesting stories on your travels here?

Not really, did 10 pieces and we went out painting a trackside and did some bombing, most of the time it was shitty weather so i could only do a little of the stuff i was planning to do.

14. Any plans for the future?

Finish school, get a decent job, travel and paint around the world, live a happy and chilled out life. :)

15. Finally any last words or shouts?

Shout out to all of the RTM boys that where looking after me, and the heads i painted with!

Just keep up the painting and for all the little kids reading this, dont do any stupid shit until you get good enough to do it.

LostInTheMood & Apose

Apose was nice enough to answer a few questions I sent him & here is what he had to say!

1. Who are you? – What do you do and how long have you been doing it? 

Whats up, i write Apose been painting for about 3 years was messing around for 2 years before i really got into IT ;)

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep GTK (me , Betsie, Grule and Randy), PDC ( me, Tonik, Euros and Oner) and recently just got in DND with the dublin heads!

3. What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

started sketching my name and one day my mom parked in white street car park and i just found the place amazing! if you compare it to now it looked like shit but i don’t know i just loved the colours man!
and RTM influenced me alot and still do!

4. How would you describe your style?

If you know tell me cause to be honest i don’t think i got one yet, im still working hard to perfect what i got so far!

5. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

Piecing no doubt, im not the bombing man of the crews at all!
people that know me will tell ya!

6. What do you think of the Irish scene right now?

I’ve painted a good bit around the place but i honestly think the CORK scene is the best simply because the writters help eachother out and no beef wich is key in our scene, compared to dublin where your piece is gone over within 24 hours by some grunk!

7. What are your three favorite pieces?

one of my favorite isn’t on the net.
the other 2 would be,

this one i painted with Randy and Betsie on paddy’s day, let’s just say by the end of it no one was sober!

and this one was one of my favorite colour wise i loved it and it was the start of the style im developing today (and tomorow :P)

8. What do you do other than graffiti?

not much else to do graff took over a good percentage of my life!

9. What are your top five tunes at the moment?

chase and status – Blind Faith

chase and status – Hypest Hype

Nas – I Can

Gang starr – Full Clip

IAM – Nés sous la meme étoile
(ya i’m french by the way!)

10. What are your top three films?

1. Finding Nemo
2. Fight Club
3. Toy Story

11. Beer or weed?

both are good for a night out!

12. A little birdie (Randy) told me that you did a few lines of coke before painting, how did that go? :L

well that little birdie is gonna get shot and served with a side plate of spuds.
P.S: I recomend not to try it lads!! especially if your painting on the come down!

13. Having been all over the place like China and Canada, do you have any crazy stories of your travels?

Canada , Vancouver, Summer 2010,
i was in the hostel looking for a contact on flickr and when i sent a mail to Rask (local not irish rask) got an imediate reply and told me to meet him at the local graff shop wich conveniently was 2 doors from the hostel, met him later anyways when to the spot (leeside) and painted with , Habit, Rask, Mover, Milf and Sense good laugh, so basicly was your ordinary day just painting until…. Mover asked me to go paint Freights, at that point on i figured what the hell might aswell i mean after watching the SDK going at it on youtube i said why not, ended up painting over 30 freight cars (with everything tags, trowups ect…..) and getting away with it i was completly amazed at how easy it was to paint a train there but after travelling a good bit around the world id say europe is best for paint without a doubt!!
I’d prefer to risk getting caught painting trains than just walking in and out of a yard with no worries, it’s not as fun!

14. Any plans for the future?

plenty more painting thats for sure!

15. Finally any last words or shouts?

Shouts to all the cork heads and the dublin heads i clubed with when i was over! you know who ye are boys!

Keep painting and get ready for world war III


DMS & Dezio

Juicy little interview with Dezio over on DeadMansShoes. Check it out here.

Tupac – The Lost Tapes