LostInTheMood & Apose Part 2

Been nearly a year since we last chatted with Apose. Have a look at what he has to say for himself!
1. Who are you?
Whats up i’m Apose!
2. What do you do and how long have you been doing it?
Well I paint, i’m always trying my best to come up with new creative ideas! (hard to do)
I’ve been at it for almost 5 years, but at the beginning never took it seriously until about 3 years ago!
3. What crews do you rep?
I rep GTK which is the crew me and Bet started up in October 2009,
it was pretty much the two of us until recently, we let one of our good friends Same/Jaws into the crew.
he was painting ages ago but gave up and now he’s back so its pretty cool!4. What got you into graffiti?
i don’t have a huge story like some people all i can really say is, that i fell into it by chance cause who knows what i’d be up to otherwise!

5. What do you think of the scene in Ireland at the moment?

I have a lot of respect for the people that are out there painting all the time and never “taking breaks”

Its really hard to give the irish scene a status after travelling so much and seeing so many different scenes,
But overall i guess its a tight scene which is cool!
lots of cool shit been produced by alot of people!

6. Who would your favorite Irish and non-Irish writers be?
That’s a hard one man, there’s so many people with so many different and cool ideas that i find it hard to have a favorite!
but if i had to name a few irish boys that kill it,
it would have to be, Dusto, Bryte/Pace, Deks, Esko, Rask, Crept, Euros, Crap and to finish it off Baqsr!
there’s alot of good writers but i can’t name everyone either or i’ll be there all night hahaha!
7. Where did you disappear to for the last few months? There was no sign of you on flickr or any new pieces until now?
few reasons,
1 would be that i just wanted to keep my shit to myself for a while.
2 would be that i had alot happening in my life and i completely forgot about flickr!

8. Any crazy chase stories?

I’ll just tell the funniest one when myself, bet and reak (dpk) went out to paint tracks far out the city which was fun you know started off nice and chill painting and drinking beers, when we were done we had the stupid idea to paint a commercial truck which was on the side of the motorway,
we didn’t really know how to get there, it was dark couldn’t see shit and all we were doing is walking through field for ages trying to reach the highway….
now at that point the two boys were pretty drunk, i only had 2 cans cause i didn’t have the money for more, so we finally reached the spot anyways hit it and on the way back bet got really paranoid because it was dark and he was drunk and he thought that the horses who were actually sleeping in the field were looking at him wanting to kill him! The thing is, that retard starts running and shouting like mad which actually wakes up and scares the horses in the field, and guess what they started fucking chasing us down the field!! some scary shit…. some laugh though i’ll never forget that night it was some laugh!  i know you would have preferred to hear a sick chase story with the guards but come on we’ve all had them we all know what there like!
hope you enjoyed!

9. Having been to so many countries around the world, how many have you been to, to paint? Can you name them?
To be fair i never plan to go painting when i travel it just happens because i get sick of sight seeing and all i ever want to do is paint! i think the only places i’ve been to that i haven’t painted are French Carabean islands, India and Egypt, India was cause i couldnt find paint anywhere and Egypt is cause when i went there i was on a boat going down the river Nile for 2 weeks (dacent experience to be fair)
otherwise yeah i’ve been to a good few places like that i’ve painted,
Canada ( Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver )
America ( Seattle and New York )
China ( Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an and 2 other cities with weird ass names )
Czech Republic ( Prague, was wayyyy too cold man -17 degres so i did’nt get to paint there )
France ( been there too many times so im not gonna list them all but yeah Paris, Marseille,
Spain ( Barcalona, Malaga and Seville )
Portugal ( Lisbon, Faro, Ohlao, Porto, Fatima (weird place don’t go there or at least don’t do what i did and stop off to sleep there) )
Finland ( Helsinki also very cold )
and finally the UK!

10. Top 5 tunes?

I unfortunetly can’t provide you with links but i listen to alot of stuff,
mostly French old school rap, alot of hip hop and breakdancing beats a bit of trip hop and a fair bit of the electronic stuff!

11. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve done?




12. Beer or weed?
No comment!
13. Other than graffiti, what do you like to do?

I like to sleep and cook food even though i’d never eat it, but my girlfriend likes it so i guess it’s safe to eat and sex, along with going to the aquarium ( i love sea life) and sketching
15. Top 3 graff films?
1. War 2
2. Quality Of Life
3. Piece By Piece

16. What’s your favorite mode of transport?
Metro without a doubt, not because of the graff but i grew up in paris and the metro amazed me every time i took it, and its so handy to get around!
I would love one in ireland!
17. Having changed up your style a bit since the last time we talked, how would you describe it?
Experimental! i dunno man i don’t want to settle for a style i just want to keep pushing my work to the next level every time as much as i can and to make it look fresh and clean every time! (easier said than done)
18. Whats your ideal job?
i’d love to be a professional snowboarder, but i doubt that will ever happen! so ideally i’d like to have a job that can support my horrible paintin habits, keep a roof over my head and some food on my plate!

19. Any plans for the future? Travel? Paint?
Alot more traveling will be done, ill keep my next locations secret for now because i don’t know myself if i’m going for sure but i can say that i will re-visit Spain and France very very soon!
20. Any last words or shouts?
Big shouts to RTM! the boys really inspired and helped me since the begining! GTK and the ToyCrew
also shouts to people i’ve painted with and will be painting with in future and shouts to all the people i know!

Stay fresh and  keep painting!

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